Why use DLP 3D Printer in Jewelry Making Process?

Are you working in Jewelry Industry ? if yes, then you are in the right place.

Are you a Jewelry manufacturer, designer or somehow connected with Jewelry Industry?

If your answer is BIG YES ?

Then it is very much important for you to get an idea about the latest technology available in the market to use in Jewelry filed,

The jewelry-making process is the work of ART, Jewelry is always precious stuff for them who owns it. Lets today we understand the latest technology available in the Jewelry industry,

One of the Most latest technology which attracted Jewelry industry towards its magic is 3D Printing technology. 

Yes, 3D Printing is Future of Jewelry Making Process, Let’s understand How?

What is a 3D Printer?

3D Printer is a machine which creates a physical object from computerized CAD Model, There is various type of 3D Printers available to use as per application of work, like for engineering, automotive, sculptor making, dental work, jewelry work, etc.

Out of above all industries, 3D printer finds its best use in Jewelry making process,
with use of 3D Printer anyone can create a master price of jewelry design infraction of hours.
yes, 3D Printer is used to make jewelry masterpiece.

Why to use 3D Printer?

In old-time, people are making a masterpiece or die for jewelry casting by hand made process only,
which is a very slow and tedious process, now as 3d printer comes in use, it becomes very easy to make
direct castable masterpiece straight from 3D Printer.
With the use of 3D Printer, it also becomes very easy to make Lightweight jewelry infraction of hours,
Find below some of the images of the Direct castable masterpiece made from the EKA DLP 3D Printer.


Advantage of DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry Making Process.

  • It gives Freedom of design creation

With use of 3d printer, there is vast freedom for designer to make complex design, becasue with 3d printer we can create masterpiece of complex to complex design in no time, so Jewellers can attract more customers by providing vast range of jewelry design options to select from,

  • Create multiple design at once,

with 3d printer we can apply together differet type of design and make it in single shot, so no dneed to make one by one design, its amazing!!!

  • Light weight jewelry making is easy and fast with 3D Printer

The magic of 3D printing is tht it allows us to make minimum feature detailing of upto 0.3 mm in jewelry design, Light weight and filligree work is very easy to make with use of DLP 3D Printer,

  • High speed Production of Jewelry is Possible with 3D Printer.

As here 3D Printer machine will do work for you, you no need to be depended on human action, the machine will perform its work with the best accuracy and high speed, so you can make multiple wax piece of design in fraction of hours, for an example see below image, we have created almost 25 Masterpiece of Gents Rings with use of 3D Printer in Just 35 Minutes !!!

eka dlp 3d printer

This is the power of 3D printer in the Jewelry making Process.

  • Accurate and precise jewelry making is easy and fast.

With the use of DLP 3D printer, we can achieve optimum accuracy and precision for the Jewelry Making process.
High-end DLP 3D printer provides a good rate of repeatable work with the same accuracy and precision.

Check details about DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry.

Process of 3D Printing for Jewelry Making.

cad cam process with dlp 3d printer

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