EKA XLE Supported Resin


Eka nylon pro like material boasting impressive impact strength and tensile toughness. The prints can absorb energy well without being damaged under high-speed impact, mechanical properties are similar to nylon and stable for a long time use.

This resin is ideal for creating parts that require repeatable machining, wet or underwater operation, impact resistance, snap-on features, or even end-use products.

Liquid viscosity is high and so the printing difficulty is higher than that of standard/rigid resin. When the ambient temperature is lower than 28 ℃ it is recommended to heat the resin liquid (80 ℃ water bath, 10 minutes) before printing.

Movable parts in high-speed applications
Underwater applications
Durable & stress absorbs
End-use parts
High impact

Technical Data Sheet of Nylon Pro Resin

Nylon Pro