EKA XLE Supported Resin


Eka tough pro resin has high stiffness and toughness, extremely high dimensional and detail accuracy. It has lower water absorption and better scratch resistance then tough.

It is suitable for high humidity environment and certain underwater operations or components that require repeated disassembly and assembly.

They allow drilling, tapping, and other high stress modifications, making it very suitable for producing functional parts and fixtures that will experience long-term static loads, transient stresses.

Eka tough pro high clear resin is non-yellowing, highly transparent resin with a slightly bluish color

High clear is like crystal, mechanical property is like acrylic

Eka tough pro high clear resin have excellent post-processing transparency after grinding and polishing, and spraying with uv high-transmitting oil. With high toughness and specific impact resistance, transparent resin 3d printing is more suitable for shape and assembly verification.


Functional parts & assemblies
Fixtures & snap fit
Parts to use in high humidity environments

Technical Data Sheet of Tough Pro Resin

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